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What time does school start and when can my child enter the building?

School starts officially at 8:35 am, which is when the doors open. Students dropped off at school prior to 8:35 am must wait outside. There is no outside supervision of students prior to 8:35 am. Students are considered late to school if they arrive after the front doors are locked at 8:40 am. Students who arrive late on a bus will not be considered late. If you need to drop your child early on a daily basis and are concerned about supervision, you can take advantage of the before-care program offered through YMCA Camp Bernie.

How do I pick up my child at the end of the day if he / she is not taking the bus?

Pick up at Woodglen takes place in the cafeteria between 3:00 and 3:05 pm. All pick up students must be picked up by 3:10 pm. Parents should pull into the parking lot and park straight ahead in the lower lot then enter the building through the side cafeteria door. Please send a note in with your child on days you will pick up. If you are an everyday pick up, you can send a note in with that information – you won’t need to send one in daily. If the need to pick up arises during the day, please call the main office as soon as possible.

Can my child ride a different bus to go to a friend’s house at the end of the day?

Students may only ride their assigned bus to and from school. Please do not send a note giving permission for your child to ride another bus home. Please do not give a note to the bus driver giving permission for your child to ride home with someone else. Bus changes are only made based on extenuating circumstances if there is room on another bus. All bus requests must go through the office and, unless the situation is an emergency, must be done with 24 hour notice.

Can my child walk or ride a bike to or from school?

Students are not permitted to ride bikes to or from school. If you want to allow your child to walk to school, nothing special needs to be done. If you want to allow your child to walk home from school, we need written permission to walk.