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Communicating With Your School Board

A Guide To Board of Education Meetings in New Jersey

Courtesy of New Jersey School Boards Association

Ways to Communicate

A major point of citizen interest in the functioning of the Lebanon Township Board of Education is communication between you and your Board of Education. There are two acceptable methods of communication: verbal and written.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is best carried on at an official regular meeting of the Board of Education. When you arrive, you will receive a copy of the agenda. There are two public comment portions of the meeting. The regulations for these public portions are a part of the by-laws of the Board and are contained in the policy manual of the District. The agenda is prepared by the Superintendent and the Board Secretary.

If you wish to address the Board, raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the President of the Board. State your name for the record and address your remarks to the Board President. Individual Board members or the Superintendent may be addressed upon permission of the President.

Written or Email Communication

Written statements may be read to the Board and then given to the Board Secretary to be included in the minutes of the meeting. Letters to the Board of Education should be addressed to:

Kelly Morris, School Business Administrator
Lebanon Township School District
70 Bunnvale Rd.
Califon, NJ. 07830


You may also contact Board Members via Email:

Contacting the Superintendent or Principals

The Superintendent and the principals of each school are available by appointment to help you with any concerns you might have about the day-to-day operation of the schools. Please contact the Valley View, Woodglen, or District offices if you would like to make an appointment. If you are concerned about your child having a classroom problem, please first contact his/her teacher in hope of resolving the matter.