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Child Study Team

About the Child Study Team

Lebanon Township offers the services of a Child Study Team. The team consists of:

  • a learning disability teacher/consultant

  • a psychologist

  • a social worker

  • a speech/language specialist for preschoolers

The team’s responsibilities include identification, evaluation, classification, and remediation for children with developmental learning or behavior problems. The child is brought to the attention of the team by the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS), a parent, or physician. The Child Study Team also participates in staffing with teachers, principals, and parents to discuss their evaluative study, methods to remediate identified problems, and techniques to benefit the child. All records are available to parents.

Child Study Team Members

Director of Special Education
Colleen Andrade

Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
Lynn Fraumann

School Psychologist
Margo Karpontinis

School Social Worker
Maureen Folsom

Child Study Team Secretary
Cathy Savage

For additional information on the Child Study Team, please refer to the Special Needs Handbook.