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Do students have access to email at school?

Each student is assigned a district email address. The district uses Gmail as our email provider. Students can send and receive emails only from addresses in our domain (@lebtwpk8.org). The district reserves the right to access any student email account at any time. Every email sent from our domain can be traced and retrieved if necessary. This would typically only be necessary in cases of reports of inappropriate material being sent or HIB cases. Students are not permitted to send mass emails to either students or staff without expressed permission from a teacher or administrator. Failure to use email properly will result in the privilege being revoked.

What do students do if they are having chrome book problems?

All chrome book issues are handled by our technology coordinator, Mr. Dowd. Students who are having issues with chrome books, including damage, should see Mr. Dowd in his office, which is located next to the boys' locker room.

How do I access my Genesis Account?

Both parent and student Genesis accounts are accessed the same way. Go to www.lebtwpk8.org - PARENTS - GENESIS. If you know your username and password, type them in and you should be in. (You can bookmark the site for future access.)

Your username for Genesis is your email address. If you do not know your password, click the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link and information will be sent to you to set up or to reset your password. If you guess incorrectly more than three times, your account will be disabled and you will need to contact the school to have it reactivated.

Does my student need his/her chrome book to do homework?

While many of our assignments utilize technology, students can do everything they need to on any chrome book or computer. A chrome book is designed to give students access to the internet. No programs are stored on the chrome book. Because of this, any programs they need to access can be accessed through any computer with internet access. If your son or daughter forgets his or her chrome book at school they can complete any and all work through your home computer.