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Can my child stay after school?

Students who stay after school must do so for a purpose and with supervision. If your child is staying with a teacher, he or she may do so but must confirm that with the teacher. If your child is staying to watch an interscholastic sporting event, we require written permission from a parent. A written note can be turned in at the beginning of the day or an email can be sent to both Lori Adrian and Nancy Spatz. If your child is in a club or plays a sport, no note is needed. If your child stays after school for any reason, please be sure that you pick them up on time. If pick up becomes a problem, students may be excluded from activities.

How do I know if after school activities are cancelled?

If activities are cancelled notification will be sent home as soon as a decision is made. All athletic schedules are available on our athletic website. The site allows parents to sign up for the notify function, which will send text messages and emails as soon as events are changed. If the event is not cancelled on the website, it has not yet been cancelled. Please do not call the school to ask about the status of games or practices, cancellations will come to your phone as soon as possible. If clubs and activities are cancelled, a message will be sent home through Honeywell. In addition, when we cancel events, we always allow students to call home to let you know. Please check cell phone messages when you have a call from the school rather than just calling.