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Unified Club

What is Unified?

Being a Unified School shows our level of acceptance and dedication for social inclusion. It joins students in our special education programs and students in our general education programs, educators and administrators in collaboration to create supportive classrooms, school-wide activities and opportunities for growth and success for all. It puts students side-by-side, playing on the same team and encouraging each other to succeed. The Unified Program creates a quick path to friendship and understanding.

Our Mission:

  • Reduce bullying and exclusion

  • Promote healthy activity and interactions

  • Combat stereotypes and stigma

  • Eliminate hurtful language in schools

Students may join Unified Club at ANY time to participate in the various activities we will do.

Questions? Contact any of the Unified Club advisors :
Mrs. Sloyer
Miss Roth Aroth@lebtwpk8.org