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Facilities Use Forms

Complete and return form to the appropriate school building.

Facilities Use Form - Complete to request permission to use either school facility; submit to the appropriate school office for approval

Completed forms must include the following:

  1. Valid certificate of insurance,

  2. A copy of the fire permit application (page 3 of form),

  3. Any fees if applicable.

No applications for facilities use will be accepted without all required paperwork.

The fire permit must be filed with the town at the address on the permit. The school district needs a copy of the application but WILL NOT file the permit. The school district only needs a copy of the initial application, not the approved copy.

  • The town’s Fire Official has indicated that in-town non-profit organizations will not be charged any fees for the fire permit. Other organizations may be responsible for fees that would be determined by and paid to Lebanon Township.

  • Questions about fire permits should be directed to the Lebanon Township town hall.

All athletic organizations requesting permission to use school facilities must read the following: