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70 Bunnvale Road
Califon, NJ 07830

Valley View School:
Ph: (908) 832-2175

Woodglen School:
Ph: (908) 638-4111

Board of Education:
Ph: (908) 638-4521

District Anti-bullying Coordinator
Jason Kornegay
Ph: (908) 638-4521
Valley View School
400 Route 513
Califon, NJ 07830

Harrassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy

District HIB Self-Assessment

Guidance for Schools on Implementing the Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Act

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Public School Choice Program
Physical Education: Mrs. Barnes, Mr. Dally, and Miss Viscel
We will be going over all of the gym rules and requirements with all classes.  Students will
be told when to bring in "gym" clothes.  Each grade may be on a different time schedule, making it different for each grade.  All requirements are listed below.

As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail or call us at the school.  We will
get back to you as soon as possible.

jbarnes @ lebtwpk8.org Phone: (908) 638-4111 x142
mdally @ lebtwpk8.org        Phone: (908) 638-4111 x141
mviscel @ lebtwpk8.org Phone: (908) 638-4111 x142

Grading Criteria:
  • Daily preparation
  • Effort
  • Tests

Clothing and Lockers
Students are expected to bring in a change of clothing for P.E. class. Clothing does not need to be new, but it should be labeled with the student's name so that it can be returned to the student if it is lost. Students should come prepared with the following:
  • T-shirt
  • Athletic shorts or pants (no jeans)
  • Socks
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatshirt/jacket for colder weather
  • Deodorant
  • Hair tie for long hair

Clean Gym Clothes
Students should regularly bring home their clothes to be cleaned.  We suggest that you bring in the clean ones before taking the dirty ones home; this will prevent you from accumulating unnecessary zeros.

No jewelry is to be worn during Physical Education classes.  The only exception is stud/post earrings that do not dangle.  Leave expensive jewelry home on P.E. days.

Long hair is to be pulled back during class.  Students with long hair should bring in a hair tie for that purpose.  Elastic bands will be provided if needed.

Lockers are assigned to students for use only during their P.E. class time.  Clothing for Physical Education classes should be returned to hall lockers after class because other students will be using the locker room throughout the day.

Medical Excuses and Injuries
A student who is medically excused from class will not be penalized at all.  To be medically excused, a student needs to bring in a note from his/her parent or guardian explaining why an excuse is necessary.  A student with an extended medical excuse will be sent to study hall for that time period with an assignment to complete.

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