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Age of Exploration Research Links
Age of Exploration Research Steps
First, read about your topic in a print or online encyclopedia.  This will give you some basic information about your topic.

Print sources: World Book Encyclopedia and the New Book of Knowledge; Online encyclopedias: Worldbook Online, InfoPlease

Second, use Destiny to find books in the library on your topic.  The books available for this project range from very simple to very difficult but they are all valuable sources for your research.  Additional books from the Hunterdon County Library are also available.

Third, search for more information from an online database.  Databases are collections of trusted resources and they are excellent research tools. 

Try the new Gale databases for top-quality information on your topic!

Visit the Hunterdon County Library's Website: Databases. The following databases are fantastic sources of information for your project:

    • Facts on File  *Be sure to click on the database that is appropriate for your topic!  Most Age of Exploration research topics can be found in the Modern World History Online or the American History Online databases. 

Finally, if you still need information about your topic, use a website.  Always start your search using a quality site like the Librarians Internet Index, the Internet Public Library or About.com.  The sites that can be found from these sources are high-quality and have been reviewed. 


Awesome Library

When using websites as sources, it is up to you to evaluate the site to determine if it is accurate and appropriate for your project.  Keep in mind that there are many quality sites and many garbage sites.  If you can not find an author name or a company name taking responsibility for the web page, you may not use it. 

If your topic has more than one word (example: Black Death), search for it by putting quotes around the phrase (“Black Death”).  By using quotes,  your online source will look for the words together (as a phrase) instead of searching for black and death separately.

All sources must be documented accurately.  Use the notetaking sheets and Noodletools to help you. 

Age of Exploration Websites
Here are some websites with quality information about your topic.  If you find a good one that's not listed here, please let Ms. Spann know so she can add it in.  *Remember, Wikipedia is not a quality source for your research!

Notetaking Sheets

Are you ready to create your Works Cited page?  Use Noodletools! Remember to share your work with Mrs. Loughman!

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